Improper City

RiNo’s own beer garden, food truck park, and events space

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Food Truck Park

Head out back to load up on Denver’s finest fare. Every day, two waves of food trucks will visit Improper City for lunch and dinner. Cards are accepted. Over 12,000 sq. ft and one of Denver's Largest Patios!

Craft Drinks

Our constantly changing list of beer, wine, and cocktails is painstakingly vetted. Top off at our indoor bar, or take advantage of our mobile can bar outside on the patio.

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Espresso Bar

Calling all early birds: Stop by our full-service espresso shop to enjoy whatever coffee concoction you like. We have the highest-quality, sustainably sourced beans (from Ampersand Coffee Roasters) and a La Marzocco 3 Group espresso machine.

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Local Music

Check our website (below) and Facebook page for an up-to-date schedule of local music.

Live Artists Denver

Local Artists

Hey, you’re in RiNo! Come check out some of our city’s finest and most imaginative works, or inquire within about showing your own.



Improper City is about as close as you can get to a sweet co-op, without the smells. Work meetings, friend meet-ups, first dates, and lone wolves are all welcome here.

How It Works

Situated on the 32nd block off Walnut Street, our space is the perfect slice of Denver. We have an 8,000-square-foot indoor space (with an upper deck) where we serve coffee and a rotating cast of 36 craft beers, 4 affordably priced wines, and 8 draft cocktails.

Between the 75-foot-long bar top and array of tables, there’s plenty of space for work groups and hangouts, but go outside for more: Four to 6 of Denver’s finest food trucks will cycle through every day, offering everything from small bites to full-on meals. When the sun is shining, you can also find our mobile outdoor bar, serving suntanned guests and cornhole masters throughout the day. Fido is more than welcome.

If you would like to book a private event at Improper City, please see contact link below. 


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About Us

Justin Riley - Cofounder & Owner

Like every other transplant, Justin came to Boulder in 2014 to climb, ski, drink beer, and start his own business. Now he’s older and more mature—which means Denver is his new quarry. Now, Justin brings the imagination and discipline that turned The Rayback into such a success to RiNo, where he’s thinking he just might set his roots.

Hank Grant - Cofounder & Owner

Hank left his 10-year career in the energy industry in Atlanta to pursue his dreams out west. The Rayback proves that that decision panned out well for the guy, but just because he’s coming up on a decade of Colorado livin’, that doesn't mean he's lost his manners. Any and every person is a friend—as well as a sir or ma'am—and someone worth sharing an adventure and a beer with.

Lexie Roberts - Marketing & Events

Collateral damage in a move that brought her hubby to Colorado, Lexie is starting to admit that he was right all along. She worked in catering in the area for three years (best way to get to know a city) and failed to launch a successful Instagram career for her cat Harvey before coming onto the Improper City team, where she’s praised/chided for her affinity for ’90s R&B.

Ken Macias - General Manager

This California kid endured stints in Costa Rica, Tokyo, San Diego, Austin, and—most recently—Dubai before landing in the Promised Land of RiNo. Now he’s is playing catchup, learning about the superiority of winter sports and altitude. But don’t try to prove you’re more Coloradoan than he is—or you’ll get a head-spinning earful about the best sakes, teas, mezcals, kombuchas, and topo chicos on the planet.

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